We want to keep our communication sustainable, that’s why reduced number of channels through we are communicating with you.

We are no longer collecting your emails, our facebook page does not exists, instagram account will be deleted around June.

If you are having a strong need to ask a question,
ping Radicalzz on Signal.
Number: + 48 Β 664 027 366

Attention! This phone number works only for Signal, you will not be able to call it.

If you have a bigger story to share, you can use this adress:

But before sending an email, remember:
Typical email is responsible for 4g of CO2 emissions.
If it has a picture attachment, this needs extra storage and takes longer to transmit, so the carbon footprint rises to an average of 50g.

Before you press send, please verify if you:
β€’ Reduced the size of emails by lowering the resolution and compressing images and avoided large HTML elements.
β€’ Checked your emails thoroughly before sending to ensure they contain all the necessary (and correct) information, to avoid the need for a follow-up email.

Radicalzz is entirely supported by the general public and crowd founding campaigns.

Your donations pay for projects, staff, servers and infrastructure. Thank you!