Look, we - humans, main power that pushes this world forward, had to stop for a while, to take care of ourselves, and relocate our daily activities into the digital sphere to keep in touch with the world and maintain our lives.

But we are not even aware that the instantaneity and connectivity of the internet allow new digital pollution to flow in unprecedented ways.

The more we depend on technology, then more it changes us and the environment!


The coronavirus has triggered extreme fears in financial markets as investors face up to an unsettling reality:
pandemic we are fighting will tip the world into a recession.

The world’s 500 richest people have lost already a combined $238.5 billion. UPS :)

Media are discussing financial and economic consequences.

But what about the consequences that will affect us and the environment?

Each action we are taking online left behind Digital Carbon Footprint.

How we will fight the effects of digital technologies and digital experiences in a post-corona world?


CoronaVirus forced us to refuse to take planes, working from our homes, entertaining only amongst close friends or family.

That's why we decided to not cancel Global Funeral Banquet, but instead, redesign it for a home edition.

Don't think big.
This time it's more rising a discussion with your flatmates or family.


how to organize Funeral Banquet at home

STEP #1:
save the date: 23.03

‍‍So first, book in your calendar a date: 23rd march.

This will be the day when we all gone use our collaborative imagination and creativity to discuss the topic of Digital Ecology.

It's Monday, beginning of the new week so people will be fresh and loaded with a new dose of energy.

STEP #2:
stay at home

If you are living in a country that is currently under quarantine. Arrange everything at your home or remotely with your friends.

Kitchen, salon, common space? Phone call?

It's about feeling comfortable enough to discuss. ‍

Please try not to use a video conference call.
Simple phone call is the best option we can suggest you, as it consume less energy.

If you are lucky and currently living in an area that is not affected by COVID-19, here you can find some suggestions for the space of the gathering:

↝ local caffe
↝ park
↝ square
↝ parking lot
↝ basketball field
↝ classroom
↝ church
↝ club
↝ beach
↝ forest
↝ meadow
↝ whatever that will make you feel comfortable

Remember, it’s about accumulating people together rather than spending time in a fancy venue.

STEP #3:
it's about the time

‍Early in the morning?
Late at night? During breakfast or dinner?

It's up to you!

Whatever will works best for you.

STEP #4:
update your flatmates & friends

We created a package with social media posts you can use to inform your friends and pay their attention.


Remember your communication should contain the most important information:
↝ date and time
↝ how you are planning to connect with our friends remotely

You can also call your friends, send them an email, text.
There are unlimited options to spread the news.

STEP #5:
use your imagination

‍Do you want to go wild? And create something special for this meeting?
It's up to you.

‍HowΒ to celebrate the death of a cyber creature?

Maybe your mates should wear all black?
Or maybe all of you will light a candle?
Go for it!

STEP #6:
kindly reminder & phone number exchange

‍It's 22.03!
You know what is a good idea?
To send a reminder that tomorrow is the day!

People are often forget about the meetings that they are planning to attend.
Make sure they will not forget about this one :)Β 

‍Are you planning to connect with your friends remotely?

It's good moment to make sure you know their phones numbers!

STEP #7:
it's 23.03 & safety warnings


Whoever is joining this discussion, agree that we as a group of a people promise to be kind to each other and speak only truth.

Considering the risk associated with COVID-19, please keep in mind those bits of advices:
↝ stay in bad if you feel unwell
↝ thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water
↝ sorry for writing this, but try to don't kiss with each other
↝ cover your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze

23.03 on this website you will get:
↝ "Food for thoughts": a set of questions, that will help you trigger discussion.
↝ link to video file with a record of the death of the Avatar.
You can watch it on your phone, computer, TV or projector. Whatever works!


We encourage you to share video file with your mates through Bluetooth or AirDrop, that will reduce energy associated to share the content online.


1. Begin with 1 minute of silence for Avatar

2. Watch the video record of the Avatar's death! Warning! This material contains drastic scenes.

3. Use conversation triggers and talk!

4. Upload your thoughts and concerns about the future of Digital Ecology in the submit form

STEP #8:
upload your thoughts and concerns

‍Also, 23.03 you will get access to the to submit form, where you can upload your concerns and thoughts about the future of Digital Ecology.

All submissions will appear live, with no censorship, here on a website, like in one big chat room for collaborative thinking and energy exchange.


STEP #9:
have fun & talk

‍Don't forget that it's all about having fun while discussing important topics.

STEP #10:
if you are at home alone

‍You got stuck at home alone because of quarantine?

Even though, you can still join us!


By sharing your concerns and thought about the future of Digital Ecology in a submit form.

STEP #11:
what's the purpose?

‍As you could notice, radicalzz is on a mission to redefine our relationship with technology and reduce its negative impact on the environment.
Why? We are pigged off, and sick of manipulation and treating us and the environment with no respect.
This is a serious and hard job, we are declaring war on the biggest tech companies, that's why your help is necessary.

It's our purpose to put humans and environment needs in the center of our actions, that's why your voice is so important for us.

We will analyze all the insights you will put in the submission form.
This will help us bring to life the phase zero of the project "Positive Digital Alternatives".

What "Positive Digital Alternatives" is about?
It's easy to criticize and scream out the fears, as we are all full of them.

But the real change is taking place where there is a positive alternative on a horizon that we collaboratively could follow.

"Positive Digital Alternatives" is the behavior change solution that helps us be more conscious of how we use technology, and how technology is using us.

But changing behavior is not an easy job. Frist, we want to push you into the contemplation phase, in which you will be more aware of the problem and willing to pursuit change.


Organizing a Funeral Banquet doesn't seem like a hard job, right?
If you have any question, please ping Radicalzz on Signal
+ 48 664 027 366

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Your donations pay for projects, staff, servers and infrastructure. Thank you!